Skin at Eyelid Incision is Not Meeting Smoothly After Mini-lift and Upper Bleph

I'm a 46 year old female. I had a mini face lift...

I'm a 46 year old female. I had a mini face lift and upper blepharoplasty 5 days ago. A lot of bruising and swelling. Eyelid stitches are out. Swelling at eyes is still causing feeling of tightness, experiencing blurry vision. The incisions do not look the same on both eyes. One looks straight and diagonal, and one looks curved.

On one eye (the curved incision), the skin at the upper part of the incision overlaps (instead of meets seamlessly) the lower skin of the incision. The doctor says it will take care of itself with time. Will it?


Day 11 for me after upper and lower bleph. Off work til September. I teach. Time to recover but it's taking forever, and I feel deprived of my summer break. I've gained weight from staying home. I can't hike, swim, and do outdoor activities as I love to do! I am still bruised and swelled but true the scars are fading. They too were sort of uneven. So no worries there. Sensation of tightness and blur in the morning. But that goes away. I am not using the ointment anymore. That stuff made me see blurry all the time. I itch a lot. Using antihistamines for that. I think the result is great! I feel younger. We have to be patient.
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I teach too! Have to go back July 22nd. Hoping I won't look too much like a monster. I am a yellowish green right now over most of my face and neck. Still black and blue on one eye. This feeling of a tight mask over my eyes (from swelling) is making me a bit crazy. I'm glad your result is good!
Thanks for your review. Has your doctor mentioned how long s/he thinks it will take to resolve?
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I like the doctor but right now I'm not sure I'm going to have good results.

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