Dark Circles from Lower Eyelid Bleph on Olive Skin Tone

Had lower lid bleth, after 5 weeks I still have...

Had lower lid bleth, after 5 weeks I still have bruised dark circles due to damage. When will it go away, I have soft skin/Olive tone.

just wanted to say the yellow and black and blue bruising was bad at first but all cleared up in about the first 2 weeks. If yours is ligering to long I would definetly consult the doctor.
I will. they say my skin is soft and I have tiny blood vessels.
Acually it has been a little over 4 months. they look pretty good. biggest problem I still have is the dark pigment and these little tiny pimples like, I dont know what they are but they are on the top of the incision line. they come and go but I hate them. I am usuing a lightener from the demotoligist. only for a week now so not real results yet. I wish I knew of a faster lightening agent that is safe to use on eyelids and something to get rid of the tiny bumps. any suggestions?
Dr. Work

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