Eyelid Surgery Changed the Shape of my Eyes

I had upper and lower eyelid surgery and a bump...

I had upper and lower eyelid surgery and a bump removed from my nose. I would not do it again. I have not been happy with the results. The procedure and recovery were ok, but the result (after 6 months) is not what I anticipated. It did not improve my appearance; I believe it made me look worse.

I had upper and lower eyelid surgey and it changed the shape of my eyes, and they often look sunken. I had almond-shaped eyes before, and now they are unnaturally round. It looks like I have a deadpan stare - no sparkle in my eyes anymore. I will see my doctor about this, but wondering if anyone knows if there is any chance that this can be corrected. I will send before and after photos if anyone is interested in seeing the result. Thanks for any info you can provide.
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No pictures of before and after? How did it turned out?
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So sorry..I had the exact same experience 12 months ago. It has not gotten better for me. What about you? Any suggestions?
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A picture will be very helpful.Canthal procedures( pexy vs plasty) could help to change the post operative changes in the eye lids. Best,hs
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who did you go to for the surgery?? Thanks
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Hi, You need to post a question to the doctors. Yes, there is help. I am going through this now. I had my surgery 7 years ago and it's taken me this long to recover from it's devastation to seek revision. A negative plastic surgery has a tremendous impact on your emotional life. Like you my eye's were changed to a wider, rounder look. I have always felt raped of my god given almond eye's and genetic identity, since I no longer resemble my family. Eye's can impact your entire appearance and change your face from soft to hard and emotional expressions. Trust me,I know what you are going through. Yes, hold this doctor accountable. Make appointments and go back as many times as you can. Even if he cannot help, your letting him know what he aggressively did is unacceptable. But be careful, it takes a skilled, experienced physician to revise this kind of procedure. It's easy to take fat and tissue out, not so much putting it back.Pictures posted helped the Surgeons in making any suggestions,but with me, most need a face to face. Your in a state that has some very skilled certified Plastic Surgeons and Oculoplastic surgeons.I'm sure you'll find help. Good luck
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Thank you for your comment and intelligent advice. You really articulated how I am feeling. I just assumed (stupidly) that it could only improve my appearance; never imagined it could give me such a hard and unnatural look. I knew there were medical risks, but took that calculated risk to look better (not worse). I tried to post a question to the doctors, but it keeps sending me back to the Reviews page. Do you know what I might be doing wrong? Thanks again for taking the time to respond.
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Hi Patppp,

Sorry to hear about all the problems you've been having.

Post-op questions require a review before they are posted. These questions are sent to the doctors in the same way, but it helps by providing more background information on your situation. You can post follow-up questions by revising your review (Click "Edit" at the top of the review).

Best wishes,

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