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I had upper eyelid surgery in Prague 2 weeks ago...

I had upper eyelid surgery in Prague 2 weeks ago and there is still some swelling but both eyes are different. The cuts are at at completely different distances from the lid,the creases are at different heights and I have still got pain in my left eye where the pupil seems to be turning out slightly now. The scar on my right eye is not hidden and goes out right past my eyebrow but my left eye scar is hidden nicely.

Having support from my Doctor and done much research,I eventually choose this clinic as I had seen good reports on many of the forums and as I was travelling alone from UK this package included accommodation and pick up from airport,etc. Going abroad was a big step but cost in the UK was so much more.I was more worried about the TT and thought the eyelid surgery would be straight forward but tummy has healed well but have problems with eyes which are visable and so am disappointed with result.

Don't know whether to go back to same surgeon for correction.


Hi what the name of clinic used as I booked similar in Prague
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The clinic is Laderma, I found the complete package idea comforting and my TT is healing well but it's my eyes that are on show and I feel disappointed with result so far. My doctor does say its early days and I will wait to see how I am in one month. I had hoped to return end of Dec for BA as surgeon would not perform at same time as TT. Her opinion was less complications and better healing when performed seperately. Let's hope so!

There has been no change since surgery,I had this...

There has been no change since surgery,I had this performed at same time as mini TT/lipo to flanks and op took 1hr 40min.Was this a rush job?

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Name not provided

Will wait until 6 weeks before seeing final results.

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