Swollen Eyes After Upper/lower Eyelid Surgery

My experience was ok i have used the surgeon...

My experience was ok i have used the surgeon before therefore went back to him and was happy with that. I was asked just before surgery to change my procedure which was a lot of pressure.

It has been almost 3 weeks since my surgery, i had upper eyelid and lower eye surgery.

My cheeks at the top where the surgeon pushed the fat down are still swollen. My eyes look a little hollow, they also look very cat like when i frown, the look of my eye is very differnt to before which was not what i was expecting. Inbetween my eye brow is still swollen and my eyes look tiny. I am also concerned because my upper and lower yes are still numb is this normal.

Advice? I am truely concerned that this procedure was a mistake.
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post bleph recovery since July 1st. I am still red and make up irritates so I don t wear it on weekends. It takes a decade to recover but it improves well with time. My pic is not me after bleph. I don't know how to cut just to show the eye part.
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you have to crop it
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Give it a few more weeks, why give this surgery a poor experience when not enough time has passed?
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I had my uppper and lower on 8-13-09 I am concerned about the lower lid is kind of hard and looks swelled and my vison is blury and my eyes burn and water and I have to blink a million time - is that normal?
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