Upper/Lower Blepharoplasty - Considering Revision for Nasty Red Scar

I had upper/lower blepharoplasty seven weeks ago....

I had upper/lower blepharoplasty seven weeks ago. I still have a nasty red scar under one eyelid and my surgeon wants to redo it. I like him, but I don't want to be all swollen and bruised again. It took a lot longer than I thought to look somewhat normal, and that's all I care about now. I feel the scar is there to remind me not to be vain and impulsive.

I mostly regret having eyelid surgery at this point. I did it impulsively, after seeing a brochure at the plastic surgeon's office (my daughter had broken her nose and was having it repaired there.) The lady on the brochure had these hanging eyelids, and I thought, I have that. I asked the doctor, and he said, yes indeed you do. So I booked the surgery and just went for it.

For some reason, my eyes were swollen longer than normal. They still are, frankly. And now I have an ugly red scar too. I can see that my eyes are open a bit wider now, so maybe someday I will be glad I had this. But in general, I've learned I'm not the plastic surgery type. I don't mind looking middle aged that much, so I should just let it be. I just want to look normal, you know? People do stare at the ugly red mark under my eye now.

Should I do the scar revision? How nasty and swollen will I look from it?


I also had an upper and lower eyelift done, 8 weeks ago. At first my left eye would not close at all. With a lot of massaging every night, it is starting to look like it will close at some point. My Left eye also tears a lot. I have several red scars, under both eyes, and then on both sides of each eye. I think with time, and I massage also vitamine e oil on them, they will eventually look alright. My lower lids did drop and at one point we thought Ectropion, another surgery. However with patience, I think that it will be better in several more months.
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Dont bother, I have had upper and lower lids done and niether eye will close properly for different reasons-but both reasons are the lower lids- be gladyou got away with it so far, imagen how devistatedyou'd feel if your lowerlids dropped as mine have, I also have a big red scar under and out of the side of one eye,but I just wishh they'd close! my eyesite is suffering and dry eye is horrible.
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I think he's a good surgeon.

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