Eyelid Surgery Has Altered the Shape of my Eyes

I wanted to do this surgery because I was tired of...

I wanted to do this surgery because I was tired of looking "tired".

The pros were that the "bags" under my eyes are gone. The con is that I feel like my eye shape has changed and I'm not sure if this is for good.

Will this change the shape of my eye? It has been 5 weeks and my eyes look round.

thank you for telling us the doctor's name . best luck to you! they say it's takes up to 6 month to see the final results of bleph.
My eyelid creases also have overlapping of skin. I didn't know how to described it until I read another article about something making that remark. I now live in the siliconvalley. Wonder if you live near, so I can show you my eyes. I am so embarrassing about it. The scars are not limited to the eye area. You need to see it. Getting a lawyer wasn't affordable for me. My scars got worst with time. He pulled on the stitches very tight and they are outside of my eyelid creases too. This doctor called himself a oculoplastic doctor and had a huge ad in the orange county newspaper of southern california. He makes many youtube videos. I fell for it. GOod doctors don't need to advertise so much. They get business from referrals.
Dear Sushi I dont think you need to get a lawyer. You must have a Health Care Ombudsmen who looks into faulty health care. They are free. Report this doctor to whatever organisations he belongs to. Doctors take an oath to "do no harm". Look around for a surgeon who specialises in revision surgery.
Tim Alexander

I can not really answer this question until I see the full results of my surgery. At this point I am not satisfied with the outcome. I feel like the physician could have done a better job at communicating what the outcome would be or what I could have expected.

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