Results Lasted Only Two Years

Pros: Looked good; opened eyes for a less sleepy...

Pros: Looked good; opened eyes for a less sleepy look

Cons: results only lasted two years...maybe less. Visible scars on eyelid corners.

I went in to surgeon's office for follow-up a year later, and his assistant was trying to talk me into considering other procedures. She said, "have you considered eyelid surgery?"

I had gone to a free seminar by two surgeons (not the one I used) and asked how long the eyelid is supposed to last. "Forever" was the answer, so I went ahead with it. There are reasons some of us have droopy upper eyelids: genetics and gravity. And those reasons overcome surgical results after a couple of years.


I am looking for a good facial cosmetic surgeon in the atlanta ga area. I saw in the website rate meds that Dr. Stefan Adair is good. Has anyone gone to him for facial surgery?
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Dr. Adair is GREAT! I look very natural after my facelift. Very little down time! You should check him out.
Dr. Dwyer

He's a big talker. And he adds on costs and costs and more costs. I don't remember the final total tally.

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