Post Mullerectomy for Ptosis- Portion of Both Eyes Are Bloodshot Red for over a Week.

I had a great Mullerectomy to correct mini ptosis...

I had a great Mullerectomy to correct mini ptosis last Tuesday. I love the results. But want to get back on with my life. The left eye on the left side, dry blood is still present. Then on right eye has blood too. ?

I was prescribed Acular 0.5% 1 droup ever 4/5 hours up to 5 4 days. Does this stuff work? Is there antyhing better

Hi, I want to have my eyelid corrected. I have ptosis problem. Can anyone suggest me for the doctors.

Hi Riya,

Our Doctor Directory is a great resource for finding physicians in your city or state. You sort by location and procedure, as well as read reviews from other RealSelf members.


Riya, My wife got it done recently in Birmingham, AL. There you can find a couple of very renowned surgeons in this field. Dr Long and Dr Vicinanzo. Both have the same office.

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