Overexposed Eye from Lower Blepharoplasty for Bags Under Eyes

Pros: had severe bags under eyes which are pretty...

Pros: had severe bags under eyes which are pretty much gone

Cons: major chemosis, long recovery time, overexposed eyeballs now, poor preparation for side effects and recovery

Can you recommended a surgeon to perform a revision on a lower blepharoplasty close to the Omaha, NE area?

unfortunately doctors do not appear to care about any problems caused to patients who believed in them and trusted them to do the right thing.......you may be able to get their attention by reporting them to the medical board in the state you live in.....report them to consumer affairs........the better business bureau......the attorney general's office in your state and to everyone you know .............so these problems are not caused to anyone else by these same doctors....over and over again all it takes is one complaint.....and send the same complaint to all the above investigative agencies and hope they will do the right thing

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Many problems, most importantly, overexposed eye that has resulted in chemosis.

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