Lower Eye Lid Surgery/ Not Happy with Results

I feel that my doctor took a very...

I feel that my doctor took a very "conservative" approach to my surgery. As a result, I do not see much of a difference at all. Im not saying that he screwed my eyes up. Im saying that I paid 3000k for pretty much nothing. I hated my eyes before, I hate my eyes now.

Im a 30 year old male and I had lower eye lid surgery 2 weeks ago. I must say that Im not happy with the results at all. I barely see a difference and I felt that if I would have known before hand that these would be the results, I would have never gotten the procedure done. My friends, family, and co-workers all say that they dont really notice much of a difference.How do I go about letting my Doctor know Im not happy without disrespecting him? What are my options because I feel I got robbed

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get pictures before hand of the results of the doctors previous procedures. Dont just have them show you general pictures they didnt perform.

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I had lower lid bleoplasty about 4 weeks ago to remove festoons.The visual swelling is almost completely gone. However,the festoon under one eye still seems to be very prominent as if nothing had been done.I am doing facial massage in that area. What is the facial massage suppose to do? Also the lower lid under the eye with the still prominent festoon seems to be drooping slightly.When i push it up it stays for a few minutes then droops again.What should i expect to be the final results. My doctor says that one festoon seems to be a little more stubborn than the other and not to worry.I cant help but to worry. It still looks so prominent when compared to the other one.
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Hey there, I had an upper and lower done around 4 weeks ago and like you, I can't see the difference! I expected to go back to work and people would say 'wow', but nothing, I had an odd comment saying i looked rested, but like you i'm unhappy and not sure what to do? Do I get corrective for free? Would I have to pay again if i wanted more off? My surgeon told me that he deliberately didn't take too much off as he's seen so many cases where people have had a severe amount of skin removed and ended up with droopy eyes! Feel free to get in touch! I'm also male, 37yrs old. Neil
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Welll make it 3 of us. I had my lower done about 3weeks ago and i really cant see much of a difference. I waited years to have this done and i'm very disappointed for the amount I paid. the swelling is still going down but the festoons seem to still be there. I really think these are going to be my final results. I don't know what to do next. In fact one of my eyes now having more white showing than the other and that was not the case at first. I feel I look worst than before......what to do next?
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First of all wait another 2 weeks. It's still early. And then your options are very simple: You tell the Dr.on your follow up that you are NOT happy and want SOMETHING else done. Did you only had the lower done? When I had mine done (upper only) and asked my Dr for the lowers as well he said it would only make about 20% improvement on the fine lines! So I passed on that one. and saved about $2300. He TOLD me what to expect. If you are still unhappy in 2 Weeks tell him about it. He is a MD,so what ? Dont let that stop you from telling him how you feel. You paid $3000 and he did not deliver. Plain and simple . Hope you feel better :)
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Thank you. yes I only had ther lower done on May 20. I go in for a follow up appointment on Friday. I swear everybody I associate with (co-workers, friends, family) all say they BARELY notice any changes. They all say that for 3000k$, I have a reason to not be happy.
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Did you all see festoon treatment in Tampa Florida using co2 laser?!! Adam Scheiner md ?? Results look great! See why you don't do lower eyelid surgery without doing festoon with it I'm not allowed to link so look up Dr Scheiner page where he explains bags vs festoon treatment And a video of procedure Look up the dr's tv dot com there is a lady that got festoon surgery with laser on a video there I'm considering this, sounds like better sense than what some surgeons advise!!
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