Upper Eyelids - Long Lasting Results from 10 Yrs Ago

I had my upper eyelids done ten years ago at age...

I had my upper eyelids done ten years ago at age 49. I chose an ocular plastic surgeon, because all he works on is eyes. He's the person people go to when their surgery has been blotched.

Ten years later, I am still very happy with the surgery. It made more of a difference in my appearance than anything else I've had done. He made my uneven eyelids symmetrical, and the tired look continues to be gone.

For me, it was well worth the money. The critical variable is the competence of your surgeon. Do your research before choosing a doctor.


people beware. I also went to a oculoplastic surgeon that didn't have the proper experience. Pick only oculoplatic surgeons that is ceriftied with the academy of oculoplastic field. In order to get into this list, they have to have at least 2 years of train experience under guidance from senior eye plastic surgeons. The one I went to is really bad. He give me really bad scars on my eyelid crease & stitched me extremely tight causing my 27 years old eye looking like I am in my 90's. In addition t this nightmare he gave me tons of surgical scars from my eyelid crease to my hairline. From my eyelid crease to my forehead. I have so many "X" mark scars over my eyebrows and in my left and right forehead area................. I cannot get it fix. I have two different eyes size and shape. ..
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Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

He only works on eyes, and has the philosophy that a good result is better than taking an unnecessary risk to get a great result.

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