Keloid Damage After Upper/lower Bleph

I had upper/lower blep 07/13 and devloped a keloid...

I had upper/lower blep 07/13 and devloped a keloid in lower inner left eye. K-pak treatment (9 days later), resolved keloid but inner eyelid still tucked in towards eyeball and rubbing. Lower lid is pulled down revealing more of the eyeball. Looks like I have a glass eye. My surgeon said it's normal?

My eyeball feels very exposed. I realize it may be too soon to tell if my lower lid will bring itself back up, but I'm very worried. Is this correctable if it doesn't fix itself?


It's improved, however the incision never smoothed out completely. So it's visible, but not obvious or hideous or bizarre looking. The physician did give my eyelid injections a few times to relax the incision. It didn't hurt although the needle was injected inside my lower lid. I seemed to help a little. So it's a trade off, I don't have hooded upper lids and puffy under eyes anymore. The incision that didn't heal correctly was the only long lasting drawback. Catch it early if you get keloids, so it doesn't interfere with the healing process.
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Would like to know how your eyes are now looking and if you feel better about your decision to have this done. I have been contemplating this surgery, but have keloids from other non-cosmetic surgery and am very nervous about doing this but so need it.
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I'm sorry this happened to you. I am thinking of getting this done, can you provide the name of your doctor so i know not to use him?
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Name not provided

My doctor didn't remove my stiches his practitioner and when I mentioned the uncomfortable feeling and look of the left eye turning inward, he blew me off. I had to call a two days later to have my surgeon look at it and address the keloid. If you do the surgery you should be the one to remove the stitches and check out you work and look for any complications.

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