I Look my Best Ever...and Nobody Can Figure out Why...not Even my Parents!

Based on a recommendation by a friend of ours, my...

Based on a recommendation by a friend of ours, my wife went to see {edited - provider info is shown above the review for registered users} to discuss a possible Botox treatment; I went with her to keep her company. At the end of the consult, I asked Dr R, half jokingly, if he could make me look 10 years younger without my family and friends knowing that I had plastic surgery. He looked at my face carefully and said; “absolutely, that’s the kind of challenge I love”. He recommended a Rhinoplasty to get rid of a slight bump but much more surprisingly he recommended a lower Blepharoplasty (lower eye lid lift)… he thought especially the latter procedure would have the greatest impact. Although I had never even considered any plastic surgery, I liked his confidence in his capabilities without coming across arrogant, and he didn’t try to sell me on doing it…but he got me thinking… I thought about it, discussed it with my wife, and although we both agreed that I still looked fine (I love my wife ;o)) doing the procedure now, probably would make a big difference 10 years from now…call it preventative maintenance. So I signed the paperwork…and 4 weeks later, I went under the knife.

The procedure went very well, great pain management after the procedure and Dr R called me the same night to make sure I was ok and left his personal cell phone number, just in case.

What amazed me most is how quickly your body heals…within a week I wasn’t embarrassed to go out in public and after a month, people couldn’t even tell I had surgery.

Dr R was right that the lower eye lid surgery had the greatest impact…my face looks refreshed and at least 10 years younger yet none of my friends figured out I had surgery. I visited with my parents and brothers about 3 months after surgery and they all complimented that I looked the best they ever seen me, but not even my parents can put their fingers on it why

Now that’s a good plastic surgeon... best, reasonable investment I ever made in myself…call him and see for yourself.

Can you recommend this dr to me.. Seems someone else recommends dr R in your area also.
That is very expensive and this is only for the lower eyelids or was this the cost for upper and lower eyelids??
Washington Plastic Surgeon

Beside that the results speak for themselves (see above review), he is passionate about his work and I don't get the feeling that he is just doing it for the money yet he is worth every penny I paid, looks at your whole face and gives you recommendations based on greatest impact not highest expense and he has great bedside manners (which in my experience is unusual)

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