Upper/lower Eyelid Surgery for Loose Eyelids and Eye Bags

I'm over 55 and had signficant eye bags and loose...

I'm over 55 and had signficant eye bags and loose upper skins on the eyelids...causing me to look tired. I wanted to look the way I feel - energetic and fun.

I had upper/lower eye surgery on tuesday - how long do I continue to ice the eyes. Also, do I remove the crusting along the stitch line or leave it alone?

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I know it's been awhile since you posted but if you read this, could you please tell me how you're doing now? I went for a consultation today and made an appt for the end of the month with a Dr in Nashville. However, I'm doing as much research as possible before actually committing. I'll try looking her up but if I can't find her could you please tell me where she's located. M'boro? Nashville?? Thanks~
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You should defiantly talk to your Dr first, I stopped icing after 2 days and the crust comes off on its own when you wash, wipe your eyes
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Thanks for sharing your experience. Here's a thread to help answer one of your questions (I'm not sure about the other): Icing eyelid to help heal after Eyelid surgery?

Good luck with your recovery!

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