Eye-lid Surgery Leads to Blindness

Is this normal: I had bi lateral upper-eyelid...

Is this normal: I had bi lateral upper-eyelid blepharoplasty back in July. Sent home with eye drops. Very sore 'left' eyeball. Three weeks later, admitted into ER with chronic head and eye pain, serious infection. I am now blind in this eye. It appears I have a perforated eyeball, caused during surgery.

As my question explains, I have not had a pleasant time. I have endured four further eye surgeries to correct my eye problems. I am left without sight in one eye.

Is this a risk factor for blepharoplasty or a case of malpractice?


My surgery was perfomed due to years of suffering with dry eyes. It was not done in vain. However, the surgeon has been investigated and has admitted piercing the eyeball with a colorado needle during surgery. Retina has attached slightly and a small amount of light is experienced through this damaged eye. I am now receiving very good advice on the next steps. I will keep you posted.
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Retrobulbar bleeding is a rare complication of eyelid surgery. The data shows it occurs 1 out of 3000 to 5000 cases. It can lead to vision loss. Every patient I operate on their eyelids I tell them " Having surgery on your eye has risks just like driving a car. When you drive there is a rare risk that a truck will hit you and kill you. Just like that, eyelid surgery has the rare risk of vision loss" I am not sure what your doctor told you and whether this was recognized in time. If it is recognized early the bleeding can be released usually without visual compromise. I tell patients in the postoperative period if they are having any unusual loss of vision, sudden swelling of the eye, extreme pain..to call me on my cell phone immediately. I am sorry for your eye. It must be terrible. I am not sure if it is a legal matter however.
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Hello TheTruthWill, I've read about your terrible experience on different comments. I am so very sorry this happened to you. I too had a negative outcome from a surgery that promised to give me a youthful positive look.I discovered the same as you, "Not all physicians are created equal".There are many Oculoplastic/Plastic Surgeons. I've seen some that do excellent work and they know what they are doing.It is there specialty,(eyes). Then there are others, but that is in all fields. Cosmetic is usually our face,and it is so important to get that Right, and painfully disturbing,depressive when gotten wrong.I have experienced every form of emotional horror.Sadness, rage,guilt and yes, even thoughts of suicide from the outcome of my procedure performed 8 years ago.We go through a mourning process and It is something I may never totally recover from emotionally. Now I seek reversion with caution and patience. I believe I have found a surgeon. I'm taking my changes one step at a time. Not being a wealthy woman, it has also taken along time for me to save for any reversion.But I posted a question and pic's on what could be done as my first step. I got many replies and went with those that showed the most positive and long term solution.Then I started to seek a plastic surgeron in my area with those skills and experience.My message to you, "DON'T GIVE UP". Yes, voice how you feel, shout this doctors name out for everyone to read. I did. They can do wonders with Laser now a days. Chemical peels may also help with scarring. I'm not a professional, but there has got to be an alternative for your situation. Neither of us, will ever look like we once did. No one really does as they age. But if we can get some recognition, resemblance of our old selves back it would be a blessing for me. This sight was a god sent. A shot in my arm, so to speak.I found I wasn't alone.But it also has away of bringing back painful and fearful emotions. So don't dwell to long on your issues, but try and work through them on "What Can be Done Next".I don't go out much, it too is one of the negative effects this surgery left. But if you don't mind, I'd like to do some research and see what I come up with on reversions for your situation. Not all are over the top in expense. You do what you can with what you have. I am doing what I can financially afford for now. I also receive private e-mails through here. If you want, I would like to view a pic of you eyes, to see exactly what the scares look like and help you find what is available in reversions.If that is what you want. For me it is a frightening thing. I am afraid it could leave me worse off.We become shell shock in away. But the qualitiy of my life is so poor now, my self esteem has been gone for so long, It can't hurt anything, any worse.Believe it not, there are still some fine physicians that do "pro bono" work out here.Others are honest, tell you what you can expect, and some even work with you financially. In any case I wish you nothing but the best for tomorrow.
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Due to problems experienced during surgery.

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