Don't Get an Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty if You're Young!

I am 23 and had an upper blepharoplasty 2 years...

I am 23 and had an upper blepharoplasty 2 years ago. I had fatty lids and was worried about always looking tired and aging before my time. Unfortunately, the doctor took too much out of the upper eyelid and it is now hollow in the inner corners. I look much older now because of it.

Ladies, if you're young like me, just be happy with what you've got. I'd give anything to have my eyes back.

be aware were you go for eyelid surgeries. I got my donea t 27. The doctor I went to give me tons of scars all over my eyes. From my eyelid crease to my right and left hairline. From my eyelid crease to my forehead. My creases are lumpy and bumpy with zig zag stitch markes. He stitched me up way to tight and it should got he cut me up to my hairline and above my eyebrows and into my forehead. At 27, I was busy looking at the ugly eyelids and didn't see all realize their are lots of ugly scars that can be seen from my side profile. This doctor claim to have one year of oculoplastic experience. Be aware, they need at least 2 years and should pick one from the american academy of oculoplasty. He wasn't it this list and I didn't know the differenct at the time. I am left with so many scars. Many on the side of my forehead. If you see pictures of me, then you would wonder what monster could have done such horrible surgery on me. This eye doctor used me as experiment. I believe he tries to do facial surgery of some kind that he isn't licensed to do. Please be carefully, it takes a lot of money to take a doctor to court. The worst side to it is, lawyers could take the up front money and do no work for you. I didn't have that kind of money, so I am left with a many scars on my face.
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Took too much out of upper eyelid.

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