Deep Hallow Upper Eyelid After Blepharoplasty

After a low and upper blepharoplasty, my upper lid...

After a low and upper blepharoplasty, my upper lid (left eye) has a deep hallow. My right eye looks very different for left eye. I am very sad for this wrong plastic surgery. Is there any way to put back my fat on my eyelid? I really need help on this.

Is there any way to put back fat on my eye upper lid?
im from malaysia. i also undergoing the same problem as both of u. Last year i went to KALO for my eyelid surgery and the result is disaster! It makes me lossing all my confidence and hardly seem acceptable for me and my family. The service provided by the surgeon which is a lady before and during the surgery is totally different after the surgery had been done. I went back to seek help from the same surgeon, however she treated me rudely and even asking me to look back my old look(single eyelid) in rudely. I feel so regret for going to KALO for my surgery. I even hope i never have the thought to go for surgery. It makes me feel emotional, low self esteem and i really hate all of these!Hope we really can able to find a better surgeon for our reconstruction..
Hello. I'm sorry your surgery did not go well. You will find your not alone and many out here have similar experiences. I am one of them. I've asked your question, because I too seek reversion for both eyes, and yes there seems to be many possibilities for reversion of hollowness. Long term results,and skin around that part of eye is thin,those are the negative sides. Find a specialist in this area,it's what I seek. Some suggest an expert in eye reversions, either experienced plastic/reconstruction surgeon or Oculoplastic, a surgeon that specialises in eyes. Unfortunately there may not be any qualified in your area. I'm running into that problem, and traveling somewhere else, with added expense,no guarantees is another downward issue.Costs have increased greatly. I had my surgery 7 years ago. Things have progressed since then. It took me along time to somewhat recover from this negative traumatic,emotional and depressing experience. We all go in with the hopes of coming out looking more youthful,and improved. That is not always the case, and the more you read,the more you find terrible surgeries happen. It becomes more fearful for you then on. Since we elected for this, you find very little support.I found this Sight a good place for support, advise and referrals. Research! Do your homework, don't be afraid to ask questions of surgeons and get more than one opinion.Also confront your current surgeon on your concerns, he maybe able to help without additional charges. Mine would only tell me to give it time, and it became very apparent, she did not have answers, or admit she made error.I also lost faith in her abilities,and seek another, more qualified expert.I'm currently in the process of making appointments for consultations with local surgeons.. It's easy to remove the fat, much harder to replace it. Ask how many procedures in this area have they performed,look at pictures,(although only good results are shown) and look them up on medical ratings for other reviews by patience.Any disciplinary actions and complaints. If I can spare another woman from going through my pain, I will. I found my original surgeon has many complaints and I wish I'd known this going in.Web sights like this weren't around back then, and I assumed a B.C.Plastic Surgeon knew what they were doing...I was WRONG. Lastly, never give up, keep me posted on your new challenge,as I will for you and good luck.
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