Drooping Eyelids Repair Surgery

Drooping eyelids...repair surgery. Absolutely...

Drooping eyelids...repair surgery. Absolutely worth it.

Both lids...hooded and drooping badly over top and sides of eyes. Now I have my peripheral vision restored and can actually see that I have eyes and the color of my eyes...I look and feel like a different person. Not an elective cosmetic procedure, but medically necessary.

How long does it take for the internal stitches to dissolve
Naples Dermatologic Surgeon

It has been 2 weeks and already well worth it.

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I am also about 2 weeks post op from upper blepharoplasty to correct my vision and I could NOT be happier . I had an awful lot of bruising and still have swelling under my eyes but I can SEE the sky again ...hadn't realized I was even missing it !! I have also been told I knocked about 10 years off of my life with this surgery. People are amazed when they look at me and I feel so good about my face again. I was actually wearing glasses when I only really needed readers because I was so embarrassed about my eyelids and how droopy they were. I was hiding behind glasses and I now want the world to see my eyes again. I am very happy and very grateful to my doctor ! At 52 I was looking old and tired and now I look way younger than my age. Happy girl !
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I'm so pleased for you and your cost was amazing.You got very lucky. Are you in Naples,Florida?
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Congratulations and that's so great you are happy! Your costs were great, too!
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