Bad Blepharoplasty Had to Be Re-done

Worth it BUT ONLY IF you get a skilled surgeon,...

Worth it BUT ONLY IF you get a skilled surgeon, not like the dermatologist-gone-cosmetic-surgeon who did my eyelids in the photo below.

You'll never know what your blepharoplasty looks like until you see photos taken of yourself at angles (and we readers never will, either). The mirror is deceptive.

All the photos I see of blepharoplasties, both on this site and elsewhere, are photos taken straight-on from the front. But straight-on photos of blepharoplasties like the ones posted on this site don't give viewers a very good idea of what the blepharoplasty REALLY looks like on the person, or whether or not the surgery was well done or not. That's why I've attached a photo of my (bad) blepharoplasty here, a photo which I took myself, so readers can understand that in real life people see you at angles, not straight-on like you see yourself when you look in the mirror.

Look at the horrible white stripes on my eyelids--those unacceptable white stripes weren't very obvious in straight-on photos of me--YOU HAVE TO POST PHOTOS TAKEN AT ANGLES.

By the way, I had my blepharoplasty re-done.

Correct, before and after photos is often a very onesided story... In the right angle, flattering light, well then my upper and lower bleo look okey. The asymmetri, dry eyes, hollowness, tight upper eyelids that hurt when my face is animates, the bags and wrinkle when I smile...none of this is visible in the photos taken by my doctor. So beware if you consider having plastic surgery done, get a very experienced specialist. Happy to hear you got your money back, Truecolors, hope your revisison went okey:)
Sorry to hear but thanks for sharing. I've had some bad results myself & don't know what to do.
Hi, Think I might have been to that same doctor for injections. Did such a bad job that I asked for refund. Sorry to hear all you went through.
Name not provided

No. I'm not allowed to tell you her name because I signed an agreement to that effect when I insisted on and finally got my money back.

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