Eye Bag Stitches and Bruising After 5 Weeks

I actually realise now that i didnt need my eyes...

I actually realise now that i didnt need my eyes done and was told by my friends that there was nothing wrong but i had an obsession with them.

I had a lower eyebag removal 5 weeks ago and the bags actually now look more prominent but higher up. they were not that bad and the surgeon said it would be a conservative op. The right eye still looks bruised and dark underneath and the skin at the corner has a pleat going downwards which is very obvious.

When will this bruised look go and can anything be done about the pleat? The left eye corner is red but underneath there is no swelling. The stitches are still sticking out and red. When will these stitches dissolve?


I would wait a full 6 months for bruising and swelling to go away. This is still early in the game. I have patients who have mild bruising and swelling 6-8 weeks out and it all goes away but needs time. I know it is hard to wait but you have to hold on for the full recovery. For most patients 90% of the recovery is within 2 weeks but there are other patients outside of the bell curve. I had one patient who felt "back to normal" in 2 days. I have had a patient who felt it took a full six months. It just will take some time.
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I had eye bag removal about 8 weeks ago and I still have dark areas under my eyes. I did not have dark circles before so I'm hoping it's just brusing. Also, I tend to still get headaches, and sometimes feel dizzy, head rushes almost like blood is rushing to my head when I'm putting my shoes on. There's no visible blood on the outside. What could be going on?
About 18 days now since upper and lower bleph. Bruising is pronounced both side next to the cheeks + swelling. Redness on scars. There is no doubt in my mind it will all go away but not for severals weeks. I won't wear make up for several months. I don't care at this point. I don't want to irritate my eyes. It's difficult I know but we have to wait.
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Not enough consultation, seems in and out as quick as possible

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