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Botox Brow Lift - Adverse Reaction on Eyes/temples

Had lid surgery 2 years ago and thought upper lids...

Had lid surgery 2 years ago and thought upper lids were still too heavy. Doc disagreed and said it would be a brow lift to have the desired result. Suggested botox to see how it would look in an effort to raise the upper lids.

I received botox injections above the eye/temple area. Six (6) days later, my right eye (ENTIRE EYE) is lower on my face, is smaller than the other, has a pupil 3x's the size of the other and I look completely deformed. It is now 5 days since this has happened and there is no change.

PLEASE, PLEASE tell me there is something I can do to even slightly decrease the horror that is now in the mirror. Of course I am to leave in 3 days for my much-needed vacation.
Yup, and mine has all the credentials and in NYC. Thanks for the encouragement. I still get very, very upset when I pass a mirror. I'm going to ask for those eyedrops as well as I have read they help somewhat.
I know how you feel. The same thing happened to me and I went to a dual board certified plastic surgeon in Great Neck, Long Island. I only asked for one frown line to be taken out and he froze my entire forehead leaving me with no expression at all and eyebrows that raised up like Spock from Star Trek. To make matters worse my right eye dropped leaving me with no upper eyelids at all. After 8 weeks the eye droop is getting better, but it still is not looking like it used to prior to the procedure. I have been using Iopodine eyedrops 3 times a day to help lift my upper eye lid. It will take some time for your situation to resolve. Hang in there and don't let this physician touch you again.
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