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Evolence is Not Worth the Hype

I have used Restalyne for my laugh lines for a...

I have used Restalyne for my laugh lines for a couple of years with excellent results. I never had brusing nor was it painful and it lasted a long time between injects. I heard about Evolence and that it lasts for a year, so my Dermo had me to try it out. What a mistake.

Although I had numbing cream on my face for 45 mins. it was SO PAINFUL and I did bruise AND after 2 weeks, I had to go back in to pay for another vial as the 1st vial did not fill the laugh line. AGAIN I went through a lot of pain and I then had some lumps that I had to massage near my nose. I thought the 2nd vial did the trick, but it is 2 months after treatment and my laugh lines are back.

What a waste of time, money and pain. I should have stayed with Restalyne as I never encountered this and I only need one vial, which I would use 2 times a year. I am wondering who at the FDA bought into the 1 year longevity as I fail to see where this is the case at all. I think it is false advertising.


consider yourself lucky that you dont have any lumps ...and it didnt last in your face...happy to hear this..i hope you didnt go back before it was taken off market...
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My experience was eerily similar to yours. I chose Evolence because of the so-called longevity of the product. I figured why not get more bang for my buck. Well, I am 2 weeks out and my laugh lines are still there. I didn't tell anyone I was getting this done, but not a single person has noticed any difference in my appearance, not even my own mother. My doctor offers a free "touch-up" exactly one month post injection to his patients. There is definitely room for improvement as I am disappointed in the results. And the pain, oh my goodness. He told me I would feel a slight sensation because I was given a nerve block. Slight sensation my butt. It literally felt like bees were stinging my face. It was horrible. And now I have to go thru it all over again in a few weeks. I truly do not feel that my disappointing results are the fault of the doctor, it was the product. Next time I will definitely try Restylane.
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