Evolence Bad Experience (Nasolabial Folds)... So Worried!!

Ughh...I am so scared. Had two syringes of...

Ughh...I am so scared. Had two syringes of Evolence injected 4 days ago (nasolabial folds) and I have a hard bumpy line on one side with redness and the other side looks maybe 25% better but with red bumps...and it still hurts. I am feeling very disappointed and worried that those bumps and lumps will stay...I don't look better at all!!!

There never go away on there own. Surgical removal is your only hope. I have been dealing with lumps and bumps for almost two years since my botched evolence injections. I've had two surgeries for the removal of the bumps under eye area with only a 60% improvement. My PS would not attempt to remove the one by nose in fear it would leave deep scaring and it's very noticeable. For details see my thread.
I had evolence 19 months ago and am left with horrific lumps underneath my eyes and i hate it as after numerous visits to plastic surgeons and nurse practitioners nobody seems to have an answer as to how to get rid of them...I feel as though they will be here forever as that is the way it is looking!!! does anybody know how or if the will ever go please i am desperate
The real reason J and J stop marketing this product is that there are too many poorly trained physicians out there injecting this product with the same technique as Restylane or Juvederm. You simply cannot do that and achieve an excellent result.
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