Evolence Breeze for Undereye Smile Lines

I was taken in by the nurse who said evolence...

i was taken in by the nurse who said evolence breeze was smooth and would camoflage lines i had under eyes when smiled so that is why i tried it.

charged me £600.00 and 1 year later i still have lumps and bumps under eyes. i look a mess and she will not help neither refund or disolve.

can anyone help?

Does anyone know how I can get rid of evolence breeze which was injected under eyes over a year ago which has left me with lumps and bumps under eyes and nurse who injected it will not help?
I had the same problem...the evolence breeze Rep got involved and connected me with a plastic surgeon who uses a large gage needle to asparate the lump. It has improved a lot and has pancaked quite a bit. It is much better than it was. He has done this twice now and I have another appointment in two weeks from now to see if he should asparate once more. If you are interest I can keep you posted. P.S. He assures me that the product will dissolve on it's own in time. Just not as quickly as we want.
Hi I am so pleased someone is getting somewhere with this dreadfull stuff, I have now had lumps for 2 years now and it is still horrible nothing I do seems to mask it I too have seen yet another plastic surgeon who is unwilling to do anything as it could make matters worse I have this horrible feeling this is for life please keep me informed as to your treatment as this could be my only hope now thankyou Sonya
Wow!!! I hope that someone will find a solution for us all.. Sorry I ever thought I needed any of this stuff now... I will not allow anyone to inject me with anything ever again! Also...the doc who did this said he wants to do FX treatments for 450 dollars a session!!! and he doesnt know if will work or not...dont think ill try that just yet..he already tried to take it out with a needle and all that did was give me a black eye for a week. good luck to you ! i will post if i get something that works.
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i have been left with lumps and bumps and even after 1 year still have same lumps and bumps terrible

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