Evolence Awful on Mouth Lines... Lumps & Bruises Even 6 Months After

I usually had Restylane in lines on either side of...

I usually had Restylane in lines on either side of my mouth with excellent results. Used Evolence approx 6 months ago and was horrified by the awful bruising (despite lots of arnica prior to and stopping all blood thinners)...lasted at each injection site for 10 days!

As if that were not bad enough the pain was awful despite nerve block. But the worst is the fact that I have (even 6 months after injections) small lumps at corner of one side of my mouth (look like under-skin pimples)...and the actual filled areas have left noticible filler lines and broken blue veins. The veins appear as shadows now and make the area look more noticable now than before.

Please - stay away from Evolence and stick with Restylane if you must use filler.

PS - My Dr is a well-respected plastic surgeon but had only been using the product for few months in his practice at the time I tried it. Prior to that he did a great job with my Restylane


i know for a fact my lumps from evolence are getting much worse! i hope someone finds a solution for all of us!
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It's been about a week since I had the Evolence injections to my laugh lines. I also have the pain and bruises. The bruises are as you wrote about what happened to you. Mine are even getting worse. Is there anything I can do? I'm really afraid. From what I have been reading doctor can't fix it either. This is my first time I had anything done to my face. Any suggestions? Please help.
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Yup, my lumps are getting worse and are noticable. It all looks worse. I don't think there is really anything they can do. Just hope the stuff dissolves someday.
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This plastic surgeon is good at other things -I just think Evolence is just too new a product to have been practiced with sufficiently.

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