Dysport in Forehead, Evolence in Nasolabial Folds and Restylane in Lips

I had the new Disport done to my forehead,...

I had the new Disport done to my forehead, Evolence in my nasal labial folds and Restylane in my lips. It has only been 4 days. I still have bruising around my mouth. I think I will be happy with the results.

I don't feel the Evolence was worth the price tag as I don't see much of a difference and part of it appears to have floated up and is now under my eye-right on the bone.

I saw a plastic surgeon for Botox for my forehead...

I saw a plastic surgeon for Botox for my forehead area and he offered the new Dysport.  I am very happy with the results and have my 20 year class reunion coming up.  I would use the product again.

Kent Hasen, M.D.

Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Love his before and after patient photos-great work

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Upon the recommedation from my doctor's office, I tried Dysport as well and it is not working thus far and it has been four days. I paid $390, which is the same amount that I always paid for Botox. I wish a many of days that I would have chosen botox and not Dysport. I am going to a function and I wanted to look refeshed, so that's the main reason why I got it but it doesn't appear to be working, oh well!!
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I also volunteered to be a guinea pig for Dysport, but the clinic I went to charged $250.00 for 3 visits. I don't have the lines on my forehead. From what I felt I had three punctures between the eyes one on each side & the other in between. This procedure was done every time. The first time all of the liquid went running all over my face. I'm very shy to say well not all of the units you claimed was administered. My question is this: how many units are normally administered in the area I've described. The injection was not long. The syringe was in & out in no time. (I'm not exaggerating). How do I know I was charged fairly?. P.S. I was told the experiment cost is $3 per unit. I was charged $250.00 that means I was given close to 100 units, Is that right for what I just described?.
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Hi Marie,

Would you mind sharing your experience by writing a review? Since Dysport is pretty new, your opinion will be very helpful for people deciding whether to get the treatment.


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I had Dysport injected in my forehead 5 days ago and see no results. I have had Botox to smooth my forehead for 8 years and it always took effect after 4 days. I was a guinea pig for my doctor and this product, so it didn't cost anything but I hate that i had to go through this for nothing.
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