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Undereye Injections Gave Me Baggy and Wrinkly Skin

Three weeks ago I had injections under both eyes...

Three weeks ago I had injections under both eyes to reduce the look of wrinkles. My experience was not nice and I got one black eye and both eyes had horrible bumps underneath. I went back to see my doctor who arrused me they will go and to massage them. So i did and they got better. For a week i looked fine. Then on sunday they started itching me again and over night turned into an awful mess. My skin has gone saggy and looks even more wrinkly that before. I am so down about this.

I have not seen any pros to my treatment its all been bad. I did it cause i was told the results would be amazing and was silly enough to be taken it by it.

I plan to go and see my doctor who did this tomorrow but i already know he will be no help. Do i get this dissolved, can i get my skin back to the way it was before? I would really appreaciate some answers?
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cause i do not think he had any experience in what he was going

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Is it lumpy from filler? or just sagging from swelling and irritation? You could get the filler out.
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i had botox 4 months ago so no i did not have it at the same time, also it was resalyne he put in. I went back to see him this week and he was embarrased. HE has since touched up my botox, but under the eyes are still awful and saggy and wrinkly. I am booked into see a specialist in london in a week to see if they can help. I just would like to know if this is fixable?
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Did you have botox at the same time as the juvederm?
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