Dysport Not As Good As Botox - 5 Days of Lift Before Wrinkles Returned

My med-spa had a special with 50 units free...

My med-spa had a special with 50 units free Dysport with a Restalyn treatment. I purchased an additional 50 units for forehead.

I did get a brow lift, but it lasted about 5 days; on the 6th day I had more around the eye wrinkles than before. There was no change in my forehead wrinkles.

IMHO, Dysport is not as effective as Botox and a huge waste of money.


Botox seems to work better. For me, it lasts for 3 months. I gave Dysport a try and it lasted for only 6 weeks. I tried it again but with a different technician and in greater quantity and again it lasted for only 6 weeks. Very disappointed! I wanted Dysport to work for me because the onset is much quicker. For me, Botox takes 10+ days to see the effects. Dysport takes about 3 days. I love the result I get with Dysport but with it lasting for only 6 weeks, I'm definitely going back to Botox.
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I dont like it either. Been getting Botox for years for frown lines and to lift the brows. This time the doc asked me to try the Dysport because of a $75 mail-in rebate. I do trust the doc and his technique of injecting cause he's been doing the Botox on me eversince I started. The Dysport does not work for me! My brows arent raised and I feel they're drooping. There is also only a small correction on the frown line. Dysport is a "not so cheap" immitation if you ask me. Next time I'm going back for the Botox!!!
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I have heard that it doesn't last as long but a few days isn't right. I've tried both and definitely prefer Botox. It lasts longer for me and takes effect sooner...
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pushed Dysport as lasting longer than Botox, not true.

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