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Dysport Had No Effect the First Time Around! (Crow's Feet, Surprise Lines, Frown Lines)

I had Dysport injections exactly two weeks ago, in...

I had Dysport injections exactly two weeks ago, in all three areas (crow's feet, surprise lines, frown lines), and so far it has not taken effect at all. My esthetician gives free touch-ups within a two week period, so I am headed back to see if it "takes" this time.

I've gotten Botox a half dozen times, and it always eventually worked, after at least one touch-up, but usually took 10 days to two weeks. I was told that the only difference in the Dysport was that it works more quickly. Well, not on this face!

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You did the right thing, go back and have the touch up. However if the second time did not work well, then lose the injector for being twice a failure. She/ he should have been extra careful to give an outstanding result this time around to keep a loyal patient as yourself. PA Clarke, NYC
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Just wanted to post an update. I went back for a touch-up two weeks after initial treatment, and then again two weeks after that! I still don't think the results are nearly as good for me as that of Botox injections that I've had in the past. I will switch back to Botox next time.
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