Dysport Experience Was Negative - Spreading, Bruises

I've used Botox six times and recently went to a...

I've used Botox six times and recently went to a different doctor due to a relocation. The doctor pushed Dysport. Unfortunately, I experienced slight swelling, two bruises and what they call "spreading."

This procedure was $50 more and my experience was negative. I had excellent experiences and results with Botox.

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Cost of Dysport...WOW!! I'm looking at prices and Dysport is high!! My doctor is tooting Dysport at $5 unit vs. $10 for Botox. Guess which one I'm going to try next time? The profit from doctors is huge on this stuff....especially Botox's usage.
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Just wanted to comment. Think my Dr. was good, just as you said, can happen to anyone with Botox or Dysport. Do want to caution others however. I have had Botox on numerous occasions with maybe a tiny little spot bruise (nearly unnoticeable) where the needle was inserted. 10 days ago I had injections and immediately had bruising under one eye and on top of cheekbone. It looks like someone hit me, still!! It may have faded slightly, but is still very visible and unable to fully cover with makeup. Luckily nothing big was going on for me the last 10 days. However, before this, I would have had injections 1 to 2 weeks before an important event without worrying. Now we will see how long this takes to fade, (which I think, hope, will be 3 weeks). So give yourself PLENTY of time if you have a wedding, reunion, trip, etc.
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Sorry to hear. Bruising is caused by many factors; the needle, hands that are not confident, eyes that are not too good or haste to inject without locating the superficial traveling vessels. But it can happen to the best of us and it has. Whether it was Botox or Dysport, it did not matter in your case. It was technician specific. PA Clarke, NYC
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