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Dysport Doesn't Work on my Frown Lines

No Pros - haven't seen any results - frown lines...

No Pros - haven't seen any results - frown lines between eyes are still there since September.

I did it so I can get rid of the nasty looking elevens - they make me look angry all the time. I can't frown and barely raise my eyebrows - you'd think the lines will smooth out but they just sit there.

My dermatologist recommended using fillers to smooth them out. Is this a good recommendation or shall I just wait and see if I can get botox shots instead? Maybe it will work for me.

had my first dysport shot for the first time. It's almost two months now and I don't see any changes at all. Was told to use fillers (Juvaderm) to smooth out the folds between my eyes. Should I wait and use botox or go ahead with the filler recommendation? OR - shall I get wait this out and not get any more shots?
Same. I just laid out £400 on Dysport (three areas including minor frown lines) and Azulure (for nose to mouth lines) and other than the upper forehead being a little smoother, all the wrinkles and frown lines were still there a month later. The doctor put more in for me, but one month later, my face is still the same.
No improvement for me either after getting Dysport. $325 to have a headache for the past 10 days. Never again.
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