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Botox & Dysport Combo - Great for Forehead

I did a combo of botox and dysport 5 days ago. So...

I did a combo of botox and dysport 5 days ago. So far, I'm very happy with both. I chose dysport for the forehead area only because of concerns about spreading. The same evening, I felt weakness in the forehead. By the next morning the area injected with dysport was wrinkle free. I did have a killer headache the following day, but it was gone by the evening.

I chose botox for the glabella and crows feet areas. I started to see results for those on the third day. I'm still seeing daily improvements in those two areas.

I can say for certain that dysport did take faster for me than botox. I'm still leery of using it all over until its been out a little longer.

Laser Perfect Medspa

well informed and took time to answer questions, no problems so far

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I can't BELIEVE your Practioner injected you with both products days apart!!!! The enclosure with DYSPORT......warns "should NOT be injected within 30 days of using a competing product". Many of these Practioners are really loose with these procedures. DYSPORT is so new in the USA I would NOT want to be the 1st to experiment.....not in our letigious society.
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As stated in my review, dysport was injected in my forehead only. Botox was injected in the crows feet and glabella areas. I had both procedures at the same time, in different areas. My practitioner did nothing wrong by treating separate previously un-injected areas with different products. Please read review for clarification. I stand by my original review. It's been just over a month and the results are still fantastic. I'm wrinkle-free in all treated areas.
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To clarify DYSPORT's directives: Advises no more than 1 TOXIN injected into the body 30 days apart. What area into the body the toxin is injected, is not the issue in the DYSPORT enclosure.
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