Botox Works Better! Results Are Too Mild with Dysport

I tried Dysport at the recommendation of my doctor...

I tried Dysport at the recommendation of my doctor because Botox usually only lasts about 2 months for me.

Well, I regret wasting my money on this product. It took almost 2 weeks to get the full result, while Botox only takes 4-5 days. The results are MUCH milder as well, almost too when your Botox is starting to wear off in the last couple of weeks. I like a more frozen look.

I will definitely not be using this product again.

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I am 99% sure I was injected with 2.5 units of Dysport to 1 unit of Botox.So I know it was enough. The results just weren't what I expected. Botox is definitely a better product for me.
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I just got the Dysport for the first time, so we will see how long it last. I usually see results from Botox in 4 days or so and saw them from Dysport in 2. You do have to use a lot more Dysport, so even with a coupon (75.) it wasn't much less expensive. I had Botox once on upper lips for lines. The Dr. said the first time he used the smallest amt. to see the correct amt for each patient. I had a very good response to a small amt. The Dysport injected in upper lip was the same equivalent, and I had very little response. My Dr. (a female) said she had noticed this difference herself in the 2 products, but only in the upper lip. Unless Dysport last longer, or gets significantly cheaper, I will be back to Botox!
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Why was it mild? Did you get injected with enough product? As you might know, the units of Botox are not the same as Dysport.
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I absolutely have not found this to be true. But anyone can react differently to these chemical products. Both Botox and Dysport are used equally in my office with equal results except for the quicker onset of action/ results with Dysport. But this does not mean Dysport is better. In my opinion and injecting experience, both products are equally as good. And should be equally priced. PA Clarke, NYC
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