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Big Fan! (Crow's Feet & Under Eye Areas)

So far so good! It has been 2 weeks since I...

So far so good! It has been 2 weeks since I received the first injections. I only did the crows feet area, and when I back today, I decided to get an additional unit in my under eye area. (1 unit per eye given in 1/2 unit injections..so 2 shots under each eye). Eager to see the results from those which should hopefully be in a day or two!

I have had botox under the eyes after being talked into it when I went to do my crows feet. It made the wrinkles under my eyes much worse than prior. No, I did not forget what they looked like prior (sales line)it did make them much worse. I think leaving under your eye alone is best. Just my view...
Question: I was told that they wouldn't do under my eyes with the Dysport. The doctor did to the side of my undereye wrinkles and it helped a lot. Where exactly did you get the under eye injections? Did it help? I still have under eye wrinkles, although the Dysport really lessened them! Thanks for your reply!
Looking for a Dysport Doctor in St Petersburg / Tampa FL area. I am willing to go outside this for a good doctor and deal.
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