Doc Made Mistake on Upper/lower Eyelid Surgery

I had some fat under my eyes which I thought was...

I had some fat under my eyes which I thought was ugly. the doc talked me into upper eyelid surgery also. He also put a string on one side under the skin because left eyebrow was lower than right. The string broke, and it still can be seen under the skin at times.

I'm afraid to go under any more surgical procedures, that is why I want to find out about Restylane & Juviderm.

I had upper & lower eyelid surgery. When all healed the right eye was bigger than the left. Doc says nothing he can do. Can Restylane or juvederm help? I look like a freak.


There is no one who can put fat pads back in lower eyes onced removed. You can use fillers or fat, but you have to re-do it every 6 months. What a scam "special to day you dont even need it but later you will".I trusted this docs openion and for him it was about an extra $500.For me its been the worst case of depresion ive known.Worse IS THERE IS NO ONE WHO COULD REPAIR THEM PERMINENTLY.
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I had a requested upper bleph. Doc talked me to doing the lower for a special $500 with the upper @ $2000 for a limited time.i did not need the bottoms touched but doc told me i would later as i got older and should take advantage of the $500 special. Tops were great, bottoms are so sunk in my bone structure of my skull circles the bottom of my eyes,looks hollow.You have 3 fat pads in your lower lid .He took out all 3. I told him to put them back.He told me i needed to see a specialist that repairs other doctors boo-boo"s like his.He said he does everyones blefs. the same ,most come out good but mabey 5% look hollow from taking to much fat pads out like mine.He gave me a couple of doc #s to call,they didnt even do eyes when i called.My attorney said i should ask for my money back .
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Hello, I too had negative upper and lower eye lid surgery 8 years ago. There isn't much out here that is permanent in reversion. All dermal injectables, even fat, have to be continuous, and short term.All absorb into your body over time. This gets costly over time and eyes are not good area's for this,do to the thinner skin.Unfortunately,invasive surgery maybe needed in some cases.Never let a doctor talk you into having more done than you originally planned. I too was talked into upper eye lids, when I only had bags under lower eye lids. Now, I look hollow, sunken and eyes don't stay closed when I sleep.I've been seeking revision for 8 years and from everything I hear,am told,and then read,read,read,none are guaranteed. Even the best surgeons will never bring back my original eye's, and they were nice almond shaped eyes. At this point giving me back some softness and volume is all I hope for.Since 8 years has passed, I've lost more volume and looking at invasive face lift for lower correction. Good luck to you, and I am sorry to hear about another negative surgery. I certainly hope you let everyone know this doctors name. It is the best we can do for others contemplating this surgery. Sometimes it's best to keep your money in your pocket, and throw your mirror out the window. My quest to refresh my appearance has cost me dearly.
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He made a mistake and doesn't own up to it.

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