Juvederm in Nasolabial Folds - Do I Need More?

I had juvederm injected in my naso-labial folds...

I had juvederm injected in my naso-labial folds last week (1 syringe) I wanted to be conservative since it was my first time.

Treatment was great. No pain and no bruising. This week after swelling has gone down I have the fullness near the nose but now a hollowness in checks. I have lines that are funning down when I smile and even when I don't.

I think I may not have had enough injected because now hollowness in my checks is more pronouonced and I have several lines running down in that area. More juvederm??? Should I have more juvederm? Can it be injected in the check area to fill out those hollows and lines?
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Excellent - no bruising or pain

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Lin, thanks for your feedback on my Fraxel! Recovery is so far, so good. On this topic, if you are still feeling hollow, perhaps consider Sculptra. I had two vials injected about four months ago, and I think it worked pretty well. It's very subtle and gradual, but it lasts a long time and it's natural (in a sense). I did it because friends kept telling me I was too skinny, and I don't get that anymore. One caveat: I will only ever do Sculptra with a particular facial plastic surgeon I've seen for a long time. The way he injected the vials was like a dance -- there was a precise rhythm and method to it. Anyway, sounds like you are looking great and don't need this now! :-) Be well! TTFn.
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Also if you plan on going back for a "refill"do it within the first two weeks of your inital administration or so my surgeon has instructed me to do.I had 2 juve syringes less than a week ago and i knew right then and there i wanted/needed more filler. and remember its going to look a bit off becuase now you have plump nasal folds and the rest of your face doesn't. Depending on your age and how deep your folds are it would be advisable to do 2 syringes and of course always talk with your praactitioner and inform them of your concers. Best of Luck!
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Absolutely, If you are happy with the results so far. Go back and fill the hollows and lines. Discuss your concerns with the your practitioner. They will be able to advise you best. The truth is unless you have very slight problems one injection will not go very far. On the other hand never over do it. Just go slowly one injection at a time until you reach the desired results.
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