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Help, Black Spots After Pulsed Light Hair Removal

Had a pulsed light treatment today for hair...

Had a pulsed light treatment today for hair removal. Overall, it was my 10th. I had 4 treatments on the chin area 9 years ago with good results. Then last year I had 4 more (2 of which included the cheeks and sideburn area). Results were so so.

Last month, I decided to do the whole face including upper lip. Had my 2nd treatment today and it was unusually painful. Also, my skin felt like it was on fire for 4 hours after treatment (also unusual). Burning finally stopped and I was able to get some rest however, just looked in the mirror and my chin is covered in BLACK SPOTS!! Cheeks and upper lip are fine but my chin looks terrible and I am terrified that this is permanent!

As I said, this is my 10th treatment and this has NEVER happened before. Ususally I get the redness with mild swelling but never any black spots. What went wrong and what should I do now??

What went wrong and what should I do now??

Who was your doctor?
Any more replies about the black spots? What is it from?
Update: I found out that my doctor turned up the setting. Normally, she tells me she is doing that and says to tell her if it's too strong. But I wasn't told this time. I took pics and sent them to her. Some of the burns are forming scabs now. Hopefully my skin will soon be back to its normal CLEAR self. The burn in the corner of my mouth (the most severe one) kept leaking but appears to be a bit better today. I've been using neosporin and hydrocortisone 1% ointment (NOT cream).
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Normally I would recommend but something went wrong today

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