Tummy Tuck for Apron of Skin After Losing 125lb

Treatment was fine. I never had pain. Results...

Treatment was fine. I never had pain. Results are good except for this big vertical crease in my stomach. I had the tummy tuck after losing 125 lbs and had huge apron of skin hanging down.

Has anyone else had a deep vertical crease in the stomach area after a tummy tuck? It is so deep that it hids my belly button when I am standing. My doctor has never seen this before. He said it may be due to the fact that I wear compression garments everyday and still use the wrap at night. Any thoughts?
Can you tell me who your PS was? I'm going to get a TT and in Atlanta, and I'd love to find someone who knows how to minimize the pain. Thanks.
In many cases after massive weight loss, the skin must not only be pulled down but also inward (i.e. narrow the waista rea) to remove the horizontal excess of skin. This may require a bigger scar, but it prevents the creasing in the midline.
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