Was an A Now a Full C. No Regrets!

Never had chronic pain until a few months ago. ...

Never had chronic pain until a few months ago. Happy with my decision with saline breast implants. I was an A now a full C. No regrets!!!

My breast's are very tender. I've had saline implants since 1998 and haven't had any issues until around a month or two ago. I'm afraid it could be cancer or something serious. My cosmetic surgeon is no longer around and I don't know who I should go to. I read your site and I guess its not leakage. They don't look any different. I don't feel lumps. Where should I go from here?
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not around anymore he retired a few years after I had mine done.

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Hello You probably have CAPSULAR CONTRACTURE you will need CAPSULECTOMY and replacement of implants. MRI is indicated before surgery to rule out any other pathology. because of the capsular contracture it is difficult to do mammogram tat is why I recommend MRI
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