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Days of Botox Are OVER, DYSPORT ROCKS for Forehead, 11s and Crow's Feet

I received Dysport for 11's, forhead and crow's as...

I received Dysport for 11's, forhead and crow's as it kicked in 12 hours and had full effect 1 day.

I'm getting compliments from family and friends as people think its truly a natural look, not the Nicole Kidman, deer in the headlight look I get with BOTOX. Not to mention it was $80 cheaper!!!


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I have had the reverse effect. My elevens look worse as if the muscles were plumped up and the furrows are even deeper. I had the treatment between my eyes yesterday and noticed the amplified affect rite away but thought it was just swollen. This morning I woke up looking angrier than before! I am so upset and I don't know what to do? Should I get fillers to counter the even more pronounced indentation?

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Have you contacted the office that did the injections for you? That would be the first step I would recommend.

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Read Dysport never again above. I think beyond the forehead is a nightmare and I don't know if I will ever go even there again with this product. It is not worth the risk.
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My doctor injected my forehead, crows feet, and frown lines. Now my eyebrows are drooping after the dysport spread to my eyes. Be careful not to inject too many spots. I suspect my doctor placed more than was needed in my forehead, which resulted in the dropped brow.
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I have an appointment for Botox coming up soon. I am starting to look into this Dysport but dont know if my doctor uses it yet. Could you tell me what doctor you used as I am in Wayne also?
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I agree! I was a little reluctant, but my plastic injected overseas and I already sent him 2 thank you letters! Dysport is now my go to beauty treatment.
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