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Revision Rhinoplasty (5th Surgery) - Extreme Swelling Question

After 5 failed rhino's, I still had a nose size...

After 5 failed rhino's, I still had a nose size far too large for my face, as well as there was significant scarring.

This procedure was to help obstructed airways as well as reduce overall size and create a tip where there was previously a bulbous tip.

I recently had my 5th rhinoplasty, all previous were closed, standard revisions, this time with Rib and fascia graft. My swelling is beyond significant due to the way my skin is reacting. I'm 7 days out. IF the swelling does not subside, what further options out there (obviously would need to wait at least a year) but if the framework is correct, what corrects thick skin?
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i had rib and fascia graft in april. let me tell you, i am also very swollen. my nose is only now starting to come down and it is nearly 3 months post surgery. i have had 5 previous rhinoplasties, all very unsuccessful. i think you need to remind yourself that after so many revisions, you are going to be very swollen . my surgeon told me that the more ops you have, the slower is the healing process. i dont expect to see final result until atleast 1 yr post op. i had cortisone injections with my last surgeon, but my current surgeon is not a fan of them as he believes that they can lead to tissue atrophy, which is not good.
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Does anyone know when the steroid shots are most effective? A couple of months after surgery? Is it possible for too much time to elapse?
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I know that the recovery period can cause extreme anxiety. People really should discuss the emotional toll of plastic surgery. I constantly look in the mirror and notice slight changes as I recover. I'm taking comfort in the option for cortisone injections (if scarring becomes a significant issue). I am one month out and things seem like they are going well. My doctor said that he has to keep an eye on the scarring since it is common in revisions. I think the key is to have a doctor who closely monitors your recovery. I will see my doctor again in 2 months.
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Does it scarring make the nose not go down? Interesting! Crazy how you see changes isn't it? What I don't like is when things are coming down and then you wake up one morning and you are swollen up like a month prior. Good luck with the injections? what revision number is this? I can't wait for mine but I'm going to need ear cartilage. Not as scary to me than using rib. Just so many decisions and how to know just which Dr is right.
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Did Dr Toledo do any of your revisions? He ruined my face and I am going out of state for a revision. Very costly and detrimental to my mental status!!
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I just had my third rhino five days ago. My surgeon told me that he could use localized injections of a steriod (I don't know the exact name but you can look it up) and that would help to thin the skin and prevent your tip from being excessively bulbous. Your surgeon should at least discuss this option with you, because if you have thick skin like me it could work.
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You are too early wait only time will tell. The options you have now is to give you a course of cortisone to try to decrease the swelling. Later options depend on the result. Hopefully you will not need a revision for the 6th time
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