Crooked Smile After Chin Surgery

My chin was large - a little too long and wide,...

My chin was large - a little too long and wide, and very "fleshy"/fatty. I had lipo on it to make it more defined and a little smaller. A year later I decided to have the bone shaved down a little to make it look even more refined (because it was looking kind of square after the fatty tip was removed).

This was 2 weeks ago. I'm now experiencing problems with my motor nerves, in which my lip is crooked when I smile. I understand that this will heal, but I'm worried that it won't, or that it won't all the way. I want to know what the odds are that I won't regain 100% mobility.

When will my crooked smile return to normal? Is there a good chance that it will only heal a little and not all the way? What are the odds that it will take longer than a few months?
Interested in same procedure... who did you go to?
Hello Rfrazar, Considering this procedures also, can you tell me who you went to? Thanks
Hello Rfrazar, I had a chin reduction, soft tissue only ie lipo to the fleshy tip and minimal muscle removal. I am 4 weeks out of surgery and I can see that I may too look a little square. I am currently experiencing a paralysis of the mentalis muscle ie the ones that move the ends of your lower lip downwards (like in a grimace) this makes it difficult to talk while smiling. May I ask if your full mobility has returned as I see you posted your comments some 9 months ago. If so, when did it return. Kind regards Meg2010
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