Questioning my Choice on SmartLipo

I have contemplated on this procedure for about a...

I have contemplated on this procedure for about a year now, I researched several places and decided to have this done on 11/11/09.

The procedure itself was not painful to me at all. I spoke with the doctor and staff the whole time. Discomfort followed the day after and continues until today (day 3). The compression garment is so uncomfortable, I can't tolerate sitting for long periods of time.

I keep reading that results will get better with time, and I am so hoping that this is true. I am in my mid 40's and perhaps age,the healing and result process take more time. I will continue to post periodically on the image I see coming forth or whether I still look as I did before the procedure. I am currently depressed with the choice I made, and wonder if I should have just kept on trying to diet and exercise.

How long should the compression garment be work for best results?

i ve worn the garment for almost 8 weeks on upper/lower abs back and love handles, and 6 weeks on inner/outer thighs. now wearing garment occasionally during the day, but put it on at night. i believe it really helps the skin reconnect to the underlying tissue. yeah its not very comfortable but well worth the results that are appearing

I had Smart Lipo on my upper/lower abs, side abs, upper arms and inner thighs. Terrible results. They fired the doctors stating "he didn't have that touch", which I had to drag out of them. I now need surgery for a hernia they caused, a huge dent in my thigh that needs fat graphed, and I've been told those don't stay in place very well, along with uneven arms and a lot of pain and scar tissue. I also noticed I have more celluite in my legs than I did before the SmartLipo. The cost was $15,000 for all and I'm in my late 40's. I am extremely disappointed in the results. Please ladies and gentlemen, take this information to heart and start exercising and dieting to lose weight so you won't be disfigured by SmartLipo.
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