Cosmetic Acupuncture ..It Works for Those Who Stay with It

It takes little longer time, My Dr.did not charge...

It takes little longer time, My Dr.did not charge that much.

Each visit was $60. I think 10 times you will see a difference. this is a natural facelift.

Sherry Hsiu-Huei Lee

She has wonderful technique.

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I recently had non ablative laser. Is it still okay to have accupuncture?

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This would be a great question for you to post in the Q&A section.

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I am having cosmetic acupuncture at the moment, only had 2 sessions, have to say I can really notice the difference already, face is glowing & smoother. Friends have also noticed. On the downside it does leave you with slight bruising.
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But much less bruising than surgery...apply a bit of arnica gel after each treatment.
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