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Zerona Flopped More Than my Belly!

Don't bother if you want results. Of course I'll...

Don't bother if you want results. Of course I'll decrease the size of my fat cells with exercise and a healthy diet during the next 6 months. I've already tried that, and now I've wasted $2500 that I could have just put toward one of the laser-assisted lipolysis procedures. I sure won't be having that done at this clinic!

Sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately the laser light at 635nm cannnot penetrate through the skin to have an effect on the fat cells. Any and all loss of "inches" is due to the dietary supplement Curva and the diet and exercise program. Be well. Dr. P
Body Laser Solutions/LaserFit.com

The clinic owner, will slick-talk you into anything and will not give you paperwork as proof. Then, he changes the story about what results you were supposed to expect.

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