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Full Abs, Love Handles and Bra Roles- Worth It!

I am a young college student who could not get rid...

I am a young college student who could not get rid of the stuborn love handles, bra roles and abdomenal fat. I was working out 6 days a week and eating healthy. I was tired of trying diet pills and failing so I looked into liposuction. Then I discovered the alternatives such as Cool Lipo.

It is not painfree, at least it wasnt for me. But I saw dramatic results right after the procedure. I'm only 5 days post-op so I'm still pretty swollen, and I'm still experiencig pain.

I am allergic to the hydrocodone they prescribed for the pain, so I have only been taking Tylenol once per day. That might be why... The procedure was also not pain free but soon I fell asleep and don't remember the rest so I wouldn't worry about that! It was totally worth it to me! I'd be interested to hear from others if they felt pain 5 days post op. The worst part it havingto stay in the compression garment.

Dr. Sandra Lostein

They were very helpful and nice and they call to check on me often. They know who I am, and are overall just a great staff to work with!

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Its been three years. What do you think of cool lipo now ?
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Hi there, I'm looking into doing the Cool Lipo on muffin top area (all my jeans are low-rise and after having a baby my body has changed.) Do you have any before and after photos? I'd like to see somebody who isn't on the dr's web site. Thanks! Also, what was the total recovery like? Were you bloated after? I want to look good by summer!
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