In my 30s, Got CoolLipo for Muffin Top, Bra Roll and Lower Abs

Okay, so being in my 30's I started to get the...

Okay, so being in my 30's I started to get the pooch on my lower abs and the dreaded muffin top along with that ugly roll under the bra.

I am very active but have problem areas just like everyone else. I decided to get this done and it was the best thing I have ever done for MYSELF.

My doctor was attentive and the staff was very supportive. Patience is key when it comes to the healing process. Treat your body well, nourish it by eating right, drinking lots of water, light excercise, massage the areas daily that were worked on.

I see my waistline shrinking each day, the muffin top and back roll have disappeared and I am happy as can be. The hardest thing to get through is the compression garmet I've had to wear.

Dr. Virginia Stevens

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that is awesome Happy Holly. I had mine done 4 days ago on my stomach and muffin top. I'm 26, 5"1 and 127 lbs. My stomach looks flat as of now, however, i don't see my waist shrinking at all. And that area has always been my problem. How long did you wait till you saw some results?
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It does take a while to heal. My doc told me it could take up to a year. We all heal at different rates. Being 35 my body recoups slower than you young ones. My results, how do I say this, the surgery streamlined my problem areas. My trunk looked a little off because of fat pockets and now everything looks centered. If that makes any sense. You stomach is flat after 4 days, WOW! that's great. Mine took 6 months.
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Hi there, how long did it take for you to feel normal, how long were you in pain? Any before/after photos? I'm looking into doing muffin top, I'm 5'6" and 120 but the way my body is, and after having a baby, I just don't look the way I want!
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Hey Veronica, It took awhile to feel normal. I was numb for about a week. The area you are wanting to do would be a piece of cake. My abs were the worst. My lower abs still need a little work. The only downfall is my skin elasticity is not that great and there is some sagging. I'm looking into Thermage treatments to stimulate collagen. Let me see if I can get some photos up. Holly
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Dr. Virginia Stevens! Boy, you and I had complete opposite results from Dr. Stevens and this awful procedure!!!! FYI...go to and click on provider credential search and then type in Dr. Stevens name. You will see many allegations against her. She has been forced to close her practices. Drug and alcohol abuse in October 2008..and the list goes on. I have also been told she just declared bankruptcy. Yes, she is one class act. You are lucky you had acceptable results. Will keep my eyes on the lookout to see where she puts her sign out again.

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