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Concerned with Hardness in Abdomen After Smart Lipo

So far it has only been 10 days so i don't feel I...

So far it has only been 10 days so i don't feel I can make a judgement on my satisfaction. I can tell a little difference in my clothes.

Be sure and wear your garment when you have your abdomen and flanks done. It feels good.

I had smartlipo done a week and a half ago. The soreness is slowly going away, as is the swelling. I am concerned because I have some really hard places in my abdomen and flanks. The one i my abdomen feels like it is about 2 inches around and about 4 inches in length.....Should this concern me?

Hi Deborah,

Thanks for sharing your experience so far.

Luckily, you're still pretty early in the healing process, so some lumps and bumps can be normal. This related thread might help explain things (and links to other resources as well): Hard areas on lower abs after Smart Lipo

Good luck with your recovery and please keep us posted with how you're doing!

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