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Compression Garment After Smart Lipo on Midsection

The pros are that the recovery time is a LOT...

The pros are that the recovery time is a LOT shorter and less painful than traditional lipo. It's a little cheaper I think too.

The cons are that there might not be a big enough difference to make you happy. Also, I wish they would have warned me more about the drainage, it's a LOT. Stock up on gauze, medical tape that doesn't hurt to take off but actually sticks to your skin. (don't use paper tape, it doesn't work). Right now I'm wearing my daughter's pullups opened up and taped around my mid section. That seems to work the best.

I did it because I have a lot of side fat. I go up and down in weight a lot and even though I'm a size 4 or 6, my love handles don't cooperate with what I want to wear. I have very slender arms and legs and it looks funny to have such a fatty mid section. My husband thinks I'm crazy but he got tired of me complaining about it.

How tight should the compression garment be? So that it's a little uncomfortable? I think I wear mine too loose. Also, my Dr. said I only had to wear it for three days, but this forum says 2-3 weeks! Who should I believe?


Hello, The longer you wear it the better. Trust me!!! That is what makes your body contour and give you that nice waist line youre looking for. I jjust had it done 3 days ago and am planning on wearing it for 3 months. Imagine your body changes after smartlipo even months later so wearing it till then is much better. The longer you wear it the better.
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My doctor said 6 weeks and I'm doing exactly what he said. The thing is so tight, I need help getting into it. I almost start sweating, it's so hard to get on! But you really need it tight because it "pushes" your skin back together. Even though it's laser lipo, your tissue has been disturbed and you want to help it heal quickly. It's almost like you're manually helping seal it back together. After 2 weeks, you can move into an unzippered garment. I would look on the Internet and find a store that you can go to and try them on. It should be snug but as your swelling goes down, the garment will fit better. I wear mine 23 hours a day although after 4 weeks, I will sleep without it 1 or 2 nights a week. You will get optimum results if you wear the garment so it's really up to you. I think for the money you spent on this procedure, you want to get the best results possible so I would wear it as long as you possibly can. I know it can be uncomfortable but it's the price we pay for looking good! :-)
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The consensus seems to be that the ideal tightness is a little on the uncomfortable side, although it shouldn't be overly tight. Also, the general consensus on compression garment time is that it should be worn for at least one week following surgery (shorter time in some areas like the chin), but there seems to be no good evidence that wearing it longer than one week has any additional long-term benefit and may actually hamper the healing process. Most smart-lipo clinics seem to advertise two week compression.
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Dr. Johnson

He's cheap! :-) I talked to other clinics and his clinic was much nicer, plus, he works on the weekends.

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